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The investment consulting involves a wide range of issues related to long-term investments for further profit generation.

The consulting regarding investment issues is after-sought not only by potential investors who own certain financial capital in free access, but also among those entities who consider their intense expansion of business and its promotion.

This may refer to production line upgrading, capacity increase, stock increase with new product model release, expansion of sales geography and a lot more.

Experts in investment consulting are willing to offer a full package of services to those who plan to invest their funds with the help for the project review, its potential evaluation and expert opinion on the object with the customer-side legal support at all stages of cooperation.

The project review involves the comprehensive diagnosis of the investment facility, including the analysis of management, marketing and financial-economic properties.

Based on the research above, a business plan is prepared to include checklists to monitor its implementation at all times.

Upon the request of the customer, a range of investment consulting services for project development for alternative investments is possible in certain directions with simultaneous comparative analysis of attributability position of profitability and relevant risks.

However, the review of options available for implementation may be also accompanied by pre-investment preparation of the facility chosen consisting of the list of procedures and events to hold that are aimed at increasing attractiveness in terms of investment.

Entities that target at developing their own business opt to choose the investment consulting to develop best financing options and implementing investment projects as planned.

With its help, market research and monitoring of the competitive environment are held which is available at the moment and the project implementation efficiency is evaluated.

The investment consulting offers the widest range of opportunities to propose alternative investment options for further business development and expansion.

Opportunities available are reviewed with the customer immediately involved to choose any of them selecting the best implementation format for each particular facility.

The volume of events within the scope of investment consulting directly depends on the client’s

preferences and is capable of variations in a wider range.

This may include single-time consultations at various stages of investment project duration, as well as its full support to include business plan elaboration, feasibility study development, presentation of investment memorandums with further estimation of actual results of project delivery.

The predominant investment consulting trend may be the risk assessment associated with investment projects.

In the meantime, such risks may be both external and internal.

To assess risks, a package of quantitative and qualitative procedures is implemented of classical pattern selected based on industry-specific peculiarities of the facility running and regional aspects of risk.

Investment consulting is able to deliver services as follow:

  • Investment design;
  • Feasibility study development;
  • Presentation of the investment memorandum;
  • Elaboration of investment strategies;
  • Attracting third-party financial sources;
  • Evaluation of investment attractiveness;
  • Expert evaluation of business plans;
  • Maintenance of investment projects for PDA.

The Private Financial Services Company joins experts from a variety of area of expertise and countries to be able to address the most complicated and tough issues. Furthermore, our global experience, knowledge of laws, trends and peculiarities applicable to different jurisdictions help us to act within the legal framework and at the earliest possible date. Our team has implemented and supported over 30 investment projects in more than 11 countries.

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