Maltese citizenship program through investment

Maltese citizenship through Investment is a popular investment destination in Europe. This is because it brings long-term benefits

for entrepreneurs. The Government of Malta launched it last year to facilitate foreign investment and business opportunities in the country.

Citizens through the previous employment program officially closed after reaching 1,800 closing applications. Finally, a new program was launched in November 2020. This new program provides a safer route for travel to the EU. And quick and easy housing

This new program Maltese citizenship through naturalization for special services provides you and your family of citizens with a naturalization certificate for contributing to the economic development of the country. There is also a minimum investment amount you must make to qualify for the program. Additionally, you must have to prove 36 months or 3 years of residence in your country. Under the new regulations, this citizenship program is limited to granting citizenship to a maximum of Four Hundred successful applicants per year. It will also close after 1,500 applicants have acquired citizenship.

Having Maltese citizenship means being a citizen of a Member State of the European Union, which is well-established, impartial, and highly respected, with strong investment and long-standing ties with that country.

Three Ways of getting Maltese Citizenship: There are currently three ways to get Maltese citizenship and a Maltese passport. And the fourth option will take effect soon.

Under Maltese law, Maltese citizenship and we can get a Maltese passport in three ways:
By birth: Individuals born in or outside of Malta must meet certain requirements to gain Maltese citizenship. Especially on birthday
By registration: Husband of a Maltese citizen after five years of marriage Maltese widow A child born abroad to a Maltese mother before 01.08.1989 and second and next born abroad in Malta. (Two fathers born in Malta) are all eligible for Maltese nationality.

By Naturalization: Naturalization is generally accepted if the person is a former Maltese citizen. Born abroad to Maltese parents returning to immigrants, people born in Malta have a foreign nationality and at least one parent is a Maltese citizen. One was born to non-Maltese parents. But one or both of them have gained Maltese citizenship even if they were born abroad and are Maltese citizens. Foreign nationals who are not married to Maltese but who have obtained residence may apply for citizenship. Such requests will be considered after several years.

The ability to obtain Maltese citizenship through investment.

The Malta Social Agency manages the acquisition of Maltese citizenship through investment. According to this federal agency, the main applicant must have to meet the following selection criteria:
You must be over 18 years old.
Invest at least 600,000 euros if you live in Malta for 36 months, or 750,000 euros after 12 months in the country.
Buy a house in Malta for at least 700,000 euros and keep it for at least five years. Another option is to rent a home for 16,000 euros a year.
Note. (You are not allowed to rent or sell this property)
Donate up to € 10,000 to any organization approved by the Maltese Community Agency. You can also donate to registered sports, cultural, scientific, humanitarian, charitable, or cultural NGOs or communities.
Valid residence permit for applying for citizenship. When you buy real estate, you will be issued with a Maltese identity document called an AID card.
Maltese IIP Benefits for You and You’re Family
Work or study in an EU country
Travel visa-free to 186 countries, including the United States. Quality family life
Access to Malta’s healthcare system
The renewal of the Multiple Citizenship Regulation gives a person Access to a resident permit, which can be confirmed after 3 years ( 36 months) or 1 year ( 12 months) after deducting the return on investment. – Eligible deposits 
With so many options. The initial contribution of , applies for a period of residence of three years, after which you can apply for citizenship, provided that the contribution of , entitles you to citizenship for at least one year. Investors have to decide whether to buy land  residential units or , lease land for less than one years. They must be kept for at least 5 years from the date of the naturalization certificate. In addition, applicants must donate , to a registered and loyal charity. Multiple citizenships give a person the opportunity to live, work, or study.
Ensuring the security of the EU, as well as global transport and lifelong families.

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