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Private Financial Services is an EU based legal, investment and immigration firm. It offers exceptional solutions on citizenship and residence issues.

With an accumulated experience from over 20 years in the industry, we offer the best services in the provision holistic legal affairs management to our various private clients. Our top quality services include private legal education, expert advice on investor immigration solutions, relocation to EU, tax advisory, investment services and asset structuring. The PFSER Company is also a trusted advisors to top lawyers, banks, certain family offices, worldwide investment firms, HNWIs and members of their families.

We have a stable base of all-rounded, multilingual and highly-skilled team of immigration, citizenship and residence advisors. Our team mutually cooperates amongst themselves and aliases with their clients to ensure international service, offered with full discretion, intellectual integrity and exceptional speed. As an internationally acknowledged firm, Private Financial Services has worldwide offices and connections.

Why Settle for Dual Citizenship


Safety Incase of political and economic instability, or any other unfavorable conditions, you have the option to decide where to stay.

Easy Travel

Travel the world freely without global visa restrictions and applications.

Access attractive tax regime

Access attractive tax regime Be able to enjoy the best tax regimes as a non-domicile person.

Extend the benefits

As s single individual with an acquisition of dual citizenship, you are able to extend the benefits to your whole family and other dependants.

Unlock investment opportunities

Access to dual citizenship gives you the opportunity to invest in real estate and other top assets worldwide.

Secure whole generation

With just a single acquisition of the dual citizenship status, your entire family and future generations are guaranteed the freedom to live, study and even work anywhere in the UK or the vast EU.

We help you choose your most desirable program based on your interests, wishes and family status. From the multiple options available to choose from, each and every choice has their own unique benefits. popular citizenship programs include:

– The Dominican citizenship program, second passport; enables you to acquire a second passport in less than three months. In this program, you will get a dual citizenship by investment in real estate and or a non-refundable donation to a governmental fund.

– Antigua and Barbuda program; guarantees passport to all family members and is the most cost-effective program. It requires a government donation of $100000 equating to $25000 per family member.

– Grenada program; suitable for those who are planning to apply for US citizenship. It is, in essence, the only Caribbean nation that has a citizenship by investment program and that also holds an E-2 Visa Treaty with the USA. That gives the citizens the opportunity to make an application for the US non-immigrant visa.

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